How Should I Prepare My Coffee?

‘How should I have my coffee?’ is a question which is best answered by another question: 'What am I looking for in my cup of coffee?’ Different people have different expectations from their coffee like stimulation, flavor, warmth, health, bitterness or simply tradition and this is precisely the factor which influences their choice of coffee. It is with the objective of helping people identify their ideal cup of coffee this list has been compiled as follows:

  • Espresso – An espresso is a pure cup of coffee which is meant to be had without milk and is tradition personified. An espresso might be single or double depending on the number of shots of coffee which are used and can be served as an Americano wherein it is diluted with hot water or simply Black Coffee, meaning coffee served without milk. An espresso which is served topped with whipped cream is known as Espresso con Panna. Likewise, when a single shot of espresso is mixed with a teaspoon of soft brown sugar, flavored with brandy, frozen, crushed and subsequently served in a parfait glass topped with whipped cream it is referred to as Espresso Granita. When mixed with drip coffee it is referred to as hammerhead.

  • Cappuccino – A cup of cappuccino is a blend of equal amounts of espresso, steamed milk and frothed milk often garnished with cinnamon powder or flaked chocolate as per the taste of the customer. A not so popular variation of this is the dry cappuccino in which the steamed milk is omitted and replaced instead with a small amount of foam.

  • Flavored Coffee – When the coffee is flavored with spices, syrups, flavorings and nutmegs in order to impart to it a local ethnic or traditional touch and a unique taste, it is known as flavored coffee.

  • White Coffee – When milk is added to black coffee, the resultant beverage is a white coffee.

  • Café Latte – ‘Latte’ in Italian translates to milk and café Latte comprises of one part espresso with 3-5 parts of steamed hot milk topped with a bit of froth.

  • A variation is the Café Latte Fredo which is a cold coffee prepared by mixing espresso with cold milk and shaking well with ice.

  • Indian Filter Coffee – It is prepared with dark freshly roasted and ground coffee beans by leaving the concoction to drip-brew for a few hours in the traditional metal coffee filter.

  • Café au Lait – A mild cup prepared from brewed coffee and milk in the equal proportions and therefore lacks intensity.

  • Café Breva – This is a type of cappuccino made from half and half milk in place of whole milk which is why it boasts of a rich and creamy flavor and lacks the signature foam.

  • Café Macchiato – It is a combination of espresso and steamed milk wherein the proportion of coffee and milk is 4:1.

  • Café Mocha - Being a blend of one part espresso, one part chocolate syrup and 2-3 parts of frothed milk, this concoction has been impressing travelers and women alike since the 17th century.

  • Turkish/Greek Coffee – A thicker version of coffee, it is prepared in a copper pot known as ‘cezve’ by boiling together finely ground coffee and water. The outcome, which is a thick muddy coffee is served in ‘Demitasse’ cups and at times flavored by sugar, spices and cardamom pods.

  • Instant/Soluble Coffee – Made from soluble powder or coffee granules, this option is meant for coffee drinkers who like to have an instant cup of coffee and do not lay much store by the taste and flavor.